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The basis of the outstanding A³PICs performance is laid during the early design stages. We here at A³PICs are able to draw from manifold experiences in optical detectors and following amplifiers. Our knowledge does even not stop at circuit level, we have in depth know-how on photodetectors and their physical principles. Many patents down to doping level techniques are results of many years of research.

IS the Basis of Superior Performance

Based on a large comprehensive silicon detector dataset we can optimize our receivers for every application. We can e.g. take into account the special advantages of certain detector designs for wide temperature ranges, like for automotive developments. Or we can optimize our detectors for low power consumption receivers for short range high speed datacom. By selecting the appropriate detector type the road is laid for the following circuitry.

Opto-Electronic Integrated Circuits (OEICs) monolithically integrate the photosensitive device of an optical receiver with the electrical circuitry that amplifies the photocurrent delivered by the photodiode, so that the OEIC's output is suitable for subsequent signal processing. The integration of the photodetector and the amplifier in a single chip allows bond and solder connections to be eliminated, and therefore to improve the system performance in comparison to two-chip solutions with separated photodiode and amplifier.


Comparison of hybrid and optoelectronic integrated optical receiver.

The improvement of OEIC in comparison to hybrid solutions is multi-faceted:
• Due to lower parasitic capacitance, it is possible to create receivers with a higher bandwidth that are well suited for systems with higher data rates.
• The shorter connection between photodiode and amplifier increases the immunity of the receiver to electromagnetic interference.
• The elimination of the bond and solder connections results in systems with less fault liability, easier assembling processes, and reduced chip area for small photodiodes.
• The weight of optoelectronic systems can be reduced with OEICs, which is important in many applications, e.g., pickup units in optical storage systems.

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