Full Custom Design of OptoElectronic and Analog ASICs

Many decades of analog, high-frequency and opto-electronic circuit design experience of A³PICs can bring your ideas to reality. A³PICs offers beside integrated circuit design also general analog, RF and microwave circuit development. With all this, optimized custom solutions can be found at a reasonable cost. An example of the advanced capabilties of A³PICs with our integrated photodiodes is a full custom highly parallel optical receiver with a total throughput of 140Gbps, the ARTX9345.

Characterization of OptoElectronic Integrated Circuits and Analog ASICs

In cooperation with powerful partners A³PICs offers the characterization of pure analog and optoelectronic integrated circuits.

Available equipment:
• Semi-automatic wafer-prober with temperature-controlled chuck (200°C)
• Communication Signal Analyzer DSO (60GHz)
• Real-time digital storage oscilloscope (1GHz)
• Network analyzer (21GHz)
• Spectrum analyzer (30GHz)
• Pseudorandom pattern generator (40Gbps)
• Bit error analyzer (40Gbps)
• Fast laser sources at 410nm (1.8GHz), 660nm (3GHz), and 850nm (9GHz)
• Precision LCR-Meter
• Wire bonder

Please contact us in order to discuss your specific measurement problem.

Examples of possible measurements:
• Bit error measurement
• Sensitivity measurement
• AC characteristics
• Transient response
• Photodiode capacitance
• Responsivity of photodetectors
• Measurement of leakage currents
• Noise measurement.

Laser source

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