A³PICs has launched a complete family of monolithically integrated low-cost optical receivers. These receivers integrate large diameter photodiodes. Therefore they are ideally suited not only for glass fiber but for POF fiber communication and short range lens-less free space datalinks also. All receivers integrate a photodiode, a transimpedance amplifier and a limiting amplifier on the same silicon chip. No further devices are necessary to convert the optical signals into defined logic levels (true Light-to-Logic design). These devices offer different data rates, excellent sensitivities and an extreme overall transimpedance. The wavelength range for the silicon based devices includes 400nm up to 850nm. All devices features integrated background light cancellation and partly power-saving and advanced monitoring features (up to OMA). The new flagships of A³PICs the ARX40128 Family are complete single chip light to logic conversion components, which includes also extended monitoring and a very rich feature set. These devices offer the simplest and most flexible solution on market today, to convert digital modulated light signals to signals with standard logic level at 1.25Gbps.


ARX Receiver Product Family Specifications:

• Photodiode Diameter up to 0.39mm
• Wavelength Range from 410nm up to 850nm
• Outstanding Sensitivities of up to -24dBm
• Wide Dynamic Range with Typical Overload of 0dBm
• Single Supply Voltage of 2.97V to 3.6V or 4.5V to 5.5V
• Zero External Component Designs

A³PICs also features an optic transmitter family for different speed regimes. These transmitters can drive LEDs, RCLEDs and VCSELs. Most of the finished designs were customer driven applications. Nevertheless it is possible to combine a receiver and a transmitter to form a complete transceiver chipset.

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