ARX 40128-xx
1.25 Gbps Full Featured Fiber Optic Receiver Family

The ARX40128 is a true monolithic optical receiver solution, which integrates a photodiode with ~0.4mm diameter, a low-noise transimpedance amplifier, a high-gain limiting amplifier chain, a differential 50 Ohm logic output interface together with monitoring functions into one single silicon chip. It is optimized for low cost fiber communication applications with large core polymer-clad silica (PCS) and plastic optical fibers (POF). The large diameter of the photodiode also allows large alignment tolerances when used with standard telecom single-mode or multi-mode fibers. Additionally, it offers a very rich feature set to allow advanced link quality monitoring and interfacing for professional data communication equipment. To minimize system costs, the receiver is optimized for zero external component count and needs only one additional component when used with a different than default signal-detect level. The ARX40128 is currently evaluated for optical wavelengths of 650nm, 675nm, 785nm and 850nm, but the integrated photodiode shows also high responsivity even in the green and blue spectral range.

Block Diagram

The ARX 40128-xx offers an outstanding feature-set:

• Manufactured in Europe with European Quality
• Reliable and Proven Silicon Technology
• True Single Chip Light to Logic Conversion from 250Mbps to 1.25Gbps NRZ
• Large Integrated 0.39mm Photodiode
• Suitable for Wavelengths from 650nm up to 850nm
• Default: No External Component Count
• IEEE1394b Compatible
• Typ. Sensitivity of -24.3dBm@650nm (ARX40128-67)
• Typ. Sensitivity of -22.0dBm@785nm (ARX40128-78)
• Typ. Sensitivity of -20.0dBm@850nm (ARX40128-85)
• Typ. Overload of +3dBm (min. 0dBm)
• Single Supply Voltage 3.3V(±10%) or 5V(±10%)
• Low Power Consumption of 100mW
• Available for Commercial- and Industrial-Temperature Range
• Light Shielded Circuit
• High Immunity to Supply Noise
• OMA and Extinction Ratio Dependent Signal Detect with CMOS Output
• Selectable Squelching (Common Mode, Logic "Low", Logic "High" or Off)
• Adjustable Signal Detect / Squelching Level
• Average Optical Power Monitoring Function
• Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA) Monitoring Function
• Fully Differential LVDS Compatible Output
• Selectable Output Boost for Driving CML-, LVPECL- or PECL- Inputs
• Simple Interfacing to DMI
• Small Die Size, Fits into TO-Header or Sidelooker
• No Supply Blocking Capacitor in Package necessary
• Low Die Thickness of 240µm for Optimum Optical Coupling
• Selectable Output Polarity

Application Circuit


TO-46 Mount


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