ARX 30125
1.25 Gbps Fiber Optic Receiver


The ARX 30125 is a complete monolithically integrated fiber optical receiver offering an integrated photodiode with a diameter of 300µm. It is realized in silicon technology optimized for low cost fiber communication applications with polymer-clad silica (PCS) and plastic optical fibers (POF). The receiver features a data rate of 1.25Gbps at a wavelength of 660nm with a wide optical input power range from -24dBm to 0dBm at a single supply voltage of 3.3V. Together with the high responsivity of the photodiode and the high gain of the limiting amplifier chain, additional external post amplifiers can be omitted. The fully differential outputs deliver LVDS compatible signals. The receiver offers a standby mode to reduce the electrical power down to typically 17µW. This mode can be activated by an external logic signal at the Power Save input. In the standby mode a Wake Up signal indicates that optical input power is present at the receiver input. The ARX 30125 provides a monitor current output which represents the average photodiode current. This output is also active in standby mode.

The ARX 30125 offers the following features:

• Data Rate up to 1.25 Gbps
• Suitable for a Wavelength of 660nm
• Integrated Photodiode with large Diameter
• Typ. Overload of 0dBm
• Single Supply Voltage of 2.97V to 3.6V
• DC-Light Cancellation
• Standby Function (Typ. PSTBY=17µW)
• Automatic Wakeup Detection
• Optical Power Monitoring Function
• Optical Power Monitoring in Standby Mode
• Fully Differential LVDS Compatible Outputs
• Zero External Component Count
• Small Die Size, fits into TO Header
• TO-Case Friendly Pad Layout
• Low Power Consumption of 150mW


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