Optical Storage Systems

Optical storage system is the collective name for formats like Compact Disc (CD), Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) and the new standard Blu-ray Disc. In the read channel of optical storage systems, multi-channel OEICs are used to detect the laser-light which is reflected by the optical disc and to provide an electrical output signal appropriate for the following signal processing unit. Due to the higher storage density on the optical discs on the one hand, the faster read and write speeds on the other hand and the resulting higher data rates of the readout signals, the optical receiver of the storage system is a crucial, since speed-limiting component of the readout channel. A³PICs offers the development of CD/DVD/BD optical receiver chips or IP modules optimized for our customers' needs.


A³PICs developed a complete 8-channel high-speed low-offset DVD receiver, designed for the pickup unit of optical storage systems working with red (660nm) or blue (410nm) laser light. The chip contains four fast channels for data detection and focusing (connected to the central segments of the integrated photodiode array), four sensitive channels for tracking (connected to the satellite segments) and an RF summing channel. Fabricated in a low-cost 0.6µm BiCMOS technology, this OEIC achieved measured bandwidths of over 200MHz and photo-sensitivities of up to 42mV/µW.


Chip photograph of an eight-channel OEIC for DVD applications.

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