Special Applications

The advantages of OEICs can be useful for a wide range of applications, e. g. optical sensors, detectors for optocouplers, sensor arrays for optical distance measurement (3D-camera), or for optical data transmission via free space. In a past project A³PICs developed a parallel optical receiver for free-space optical data transmission, which integrates 45 highly sensitive 3.125Gbps channels into a single chip for a 140Gbps optical interconnect.

An example for a very specialized OEIC is our 45-channel high-speed low-power optical receiver. In this chip a photodiode array consisting of 45 PIN photodiodes with a pitch of 250µm is integrated in one chip together with the electrical amplification and LVDS driver circuitry. Each channel is designed for high sensitivity at a wavelength of 660nm to 850nm and a data rate from 100Mbps to 3.125Gbps, leading to a transferable data rate of the whole chip of 140Gbps. Special design and layout measures have been taken in order to prevent cross-talk between different channels (<-42dB). Additionally to the receiver array four 622Mbps VCSEL drivers were integrated, to implement an asymmetric back channel with a total throughput of 2.5Gbps. Total power consumption of the chip is below 1W.

Multichannel Receiver

Highly parallel optical receiver with 45 3.125Gbps channels

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