The ever increasing data rates of modern communication networks demand low-cost solutions for optical interconnects between or within electronic systems to overcome the bottleneck of electrical interconnects. For the application in modern high-speed data transmission systems, the optical receivers which are used to detect the signal at the end of the optical fiber have to meet a number of requirements concerning bandwidth, sensitivity, immunity to electromagnetic interference and reliability. From a more commercial point of view low production costs, and therefore minimum chip size, simple assembling processes, and the use of well established semiconductor technologies are important demands for the realization of competitive products in the low-cost consumer electronics sector. All these demands can be fulfilled by the technology of optoelectronic integrated circuits. A³PICs offers the design of high-speed and highly sensitive optical receivers with different diameters of the photosensitive device, e. g. solutions with large-diameter photodiodes for high fiber adjustment tolerances which are necessary for optical bus systems in automotive applications or for fiber-in-the-home networks based on cheap Plastic Optical Fibers (POFs).

OEICs for datacom applications can be realized with different diameters of the photosensitive device, depending on the used optical fiber. This example shows an optical receiver with integrated 500µm PIN-Photodiode. The shown OEIC achieves a sensitivity better than -23dBm at a data rate of 250Mbps.


Chip photograph of a POF OEIC

Frequency Response

Measured frequency response at 660nm and 850nm

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