• A³PICs has been renamed to Avago Technologies Fiber Austria GmbH and is part of Broadcom Limited

New Products


A³PICs announces a new optical receiver series, the ARX40128 Family. These receivers offer true light to logic conversion in a single silicon chip with outstanding performance, configurability and advanced monitoring. The data rate can range from 250Mbps up to 1.25Gbps at optical wavelengths from the visible range including 650nm up to 850nm. This and together with the large integrated photodiode with a diameter of 0.39mm make these receiver ideal for optical transmission systems with large core fibers like PCS or POF, or also systems with large alignment tolerances to reduce cost. Additionally these devices need no external components and offer very small chip area, making them very attractive for ultra compact and cost effective receiver solutions in a single TO-46 or sidelooker package.

First Class Silicon


A³PICs is an innovative analog and mixed signal ASICs solution provider. We are specialized in the development and realization of photonic integrated circuits.
Our core business includes high-speed, highly-sensitive optical receivers, laser drivers and LED drivers with the surrounding circuitry. Due to our long lasting experience in the field of OEICs (opto electronic integrated circuits) and microwave electronics we can provide a broad spectrum of optical receivers from DC to GHz, mainly with integrated optical detectors. Many customer driven special applications are rounding off the A³PICs business profile.

First Class Knowledge


Experience with design not only in multiple PIN photodiode processes but also in deep-sub-µm CMOS analog technology allows A³PICs to offer customized optical receivers for a wide range of applications:

• Multi-channel receivers e.g. optical storage systems (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray™ Disc)
• Optical receivers for data communications networks. The OEICs can be realized with different photodiode diameters and therefore optimized for the used optical fiber (glass fiber, plastic optical fiber (POF)).
• OEICs for optical distance measurement, 3D-cameras
• Optical sensors with photodiodes of any shape
• Detectors for optocouplers

First Class Service

Besides the activities as a design house for analog and optoelectronic integrated circuits, A³PICs offers a broad variety of engineering services:

• Characterization of analog and optoelectronic integrated circuits
• Development of fast laser sources for measurement applications
• Design of IP modules
• Feasibility studies in the field of optoelectronic integrated circuits

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